It offers greater resistance and better performance. It allows us to easily fold the glass panes for ventilation or cleaning of the panes themselves and to enjoy wide views thanks to the absence of vertical profiles.



It does not break the architectural aesthetics of the building façade.
· The system has no vertical profiles.
· Perfect integration in any situation.

cleaning and opening

· All panes can be easily cleaned from the inside, both the outside and the inside of the glass.
· There is no need to lean or stretch from the outside, proceed with maximum safety.


· Highly resistant bearing system and components designed to withstand continuous use.
· The sliding of the blades is smooth and silent.

Fastening system

· Total guarantee of fastening of the glass to the leaf profile by means of screws,
ensuring perfect and long-lasting operation.
· The system is complemented by the use of an adhesive polymer as an extra safety measure.


The seeglass system offers many advantages: it considerably reduces exterior noise,
wind, water and dirt, reduces the cost of hot and cold air conditioning and increases the
value of the property by providing more usable space for your enjoyment.
Terraces -Restaurants – Ceilings – Interior design – Porches – Swimming pools – glass

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