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Contracting process for enclosures

Always bear in mind that it is not the investment you make that can jeopardise your finances, but the fact that the investment does not bring you the results you had in mind. People buy services or products because they think that the sales person understands their wishes and not because a sales professional insists until they understand the application of the product. Sales processes are often tedious, especially when what is bought is not immediately enjoyed.

Leave aside logical concerns such as, will everything be explained to me in a way that I understand and have no doubts? Am I buying the best product at the best price? Will the product meet my expectations? Will the company
deliver everything the salesperson has promised? Will the service match the quality of the product? Will I be attended to when I have a problem?

1 Commercial visit

At Insoex we always make a visit to the client´s home to see the technical aspects of the terrace on site and to talk to the client so that they can tell us each and every one of their ideas.

During this visit we also take the opportunity to take a measurement and prepare plans with all the details and possibilities, together with the client we define all the optional aspects.

During this visit we also guide the client in defining which types of products best fit his ideas, always generating a wide conservation with pros and cons of one or other systems or finishes.

2 Sample of the system

As it is not the same to imagine it than to be able to see it and touch it, the second phase to advance with the client is to make an appointment in our showroon, here we show each system in real size, operation, aesthetic, technical and functional aspects, combination between products, finishes…

3 Installation

Let´s say that this is one of the most important phases of the whole process, but at Insoex all jobs are customised, so it should be noted that in order to achieve excellence in this phase, the previous phases must have been carried out to perfection. In this phase the technical and commercial team is coordinated to perfection to carry out the installation and all the details of the same as determined with the client´s expectations.

Let´s say that from this day the NEW LIFE ON YOUR TERRACE begins.

4 Final stage

This last phase is carried out by the sales team a few days after the work has been completed. After a few days of use, there are always some doubts about the operation or any other kind of doubts, for this reason, at Insoex we have this phase in our protocol because where we started with a commercial visit, now it will be another satisfied customer and some beautiful photos.

``The experience was great, they were very honest. The
installers did an unbeatable job and kept us informed of
everything they were doing``.

Sergio González

“We installed the second pergola because we were very happy with the first one. The quality is evident, and the technology applied is fabulous.”


“Whenever I can I recommend it. In fact, I recommended it to my neighbor and now she also has her balcony with glass curtains”


“Very robust systems that work very well. In the 2 years that the pergola has been installed, it has not given me any problems”

Jorge Arrocha

“We live in Malaga and thanks to the glass curtains that Insoex installed for us, we can enjoy our terrace in summer and winter. ”

David Jiménez

Satisfied customers

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