Enclosures for
terraces and porches


The best quality glass enclosures with the widest range of possibilities. Ideal for
terraces, balconies, porches, attics, restaurants and all types of facilities.


Easy cleaning and maintenance

Heavy duty hinges and bearings

New seals

Improved lower profile strength

Integrated metal opening

Compatible with Pleated Curtains or blinds



The SEEGLASS ONE system offers a perfect solution with the best performance. It allows us to easily fold the glass panes for ventilation or cleaning of the panes themselves and to enjoy a wide view thanks to the absence of vertical profiles.

see Folding Enclosures


This SEEGLASS RUN glazing system allows you to open and close your enclosure in a comfortable and simple way without giving up any space. The installation does not require complex works, simply screw the guides to the floor and enjoy our sliding enclosure.

see sliders enclosures SEEGLASS RUN


SEEGLASS BIG glass enclosure for the separation of busy public spaces. It is ideal for establishments that tend to have a high influx of people.

See Stackable enclosures SEEGLASS BIG


Model Seeglass LUX Lateral and central opening. The full lateral opening of the glass panels
creates a large passage space, interrupted only by the fixed glass on the side. The fundamental detail is that there is no lower profile anchored to the floor.

See Indoor enclosures SEEGLASS LUX


Beyond your expectations

Thanks to SEEGLASS we can offer all types of glass enclosures, adapting each one to the most suitable solution. When it comes to glass enclosures for terraces. We can say that SEEGLASS ONE is the best system on the market for quality, design and functionality.

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