glass roof


The TKM Movable Ceiling is a movable glass ceiling that eliminates horizontal profiles for a clean design, creating unique spaces that combine perfectly with Seeglass glass curtain systems, bringing the concept of profile-free enclosures to the movable ceiling as well.



It does not break the architectural aesthetics of the building façade.
· The system has no vertical profiles.
· Perfect integration in any situation.

and size

· All panes can be easily cleaned from the inside, both the outside and the inside of the
· Max. outflow: 7m (min. gradient 15%)
· Maximum width between tramlines: 1350mm
· Laminated Safety Glass 4+4
· Matt Butyral Safety Glass 4+4
· Safety Glass 4+4 Stop-sun
· Manual: by pole
· Motorised: double-draught motorisation


· Integrated led lights with potentiometer.
· Infrared Heater
· Integration of Veranda Awning for a perfect sun protection.


TKM suspended ceilings can be perfectly integrated anywhere.
· Penthouses
· Porches
· Terraces
· Hosteleria


The TKM suspended ceilings are watertight and are based on the effective evacuation of water. They also incorporate lights integrated into the structure itself without the need to add any accessory profile to maintain the line and performance of the system and include manual or motorised operation with the possibility of intelligent sensors.

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